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Welcome to RESINT

Our mission is to support the country’s resilience by harnessing the knowledge of Swiss nationals abroad

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Swiss Resilience International Support (RESINT)

780 Swiss volunteers have dedicated their skills to serve Switzerland from abroad, bolstering the country’s resilience capacities. The RESINT Training Center, situated within the BLA (Base Logistique de l’Armée) in Sion (VS), is responsible for coordinating the knowledge and expertise of these volunteers, all while observing current laws upholding Swiss values.

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As part of legislation passed by the Federal Parliament, the Confederation recently granted RESINT a formal mandate to support the relevant authorities in addressing, mitigating, and rectifying the impacts of the following logistical challenges:

  • Natural resource scarcity
  • Food shortages
  • Raw material and synthetic product dependencies
  • Technological dependencies
Examples of current missions


Interested in our missions? Would you like to learn how to apply your existing skills in new settings? Any Swiss abroad can register with the RESINT Training Center. We recruit from a wide range of backgrounds and professions.

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By providing a theoretical program that is continually updated, as well as a platform matching and facilitating experimental] collaboration between volunteers and federal, cantonal, communal, institutional, and commercial stakeholders, RESINT training follows three tracks:

  • Theoretical program
  • Collaborative program
  • Applied program
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Our resilient communications network, available to Swiss citizens and organizations in the event of a crisis. RESNET enables continued access to essential services such as:

  • Administrative services
  • Financial services
  • Logistics services
  • Electronic voting and civic engagement
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